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This Desktop and mobile Hindi typing tool will simplify your online typing effort by without installing Hindi keyboard.  This Hindi to English Conversion tool help you to type faster than any other online tool available. You can improve your typing skill by using our online typing test or online typing game . You can submit your typing scores to our leader board. Our online typing engine helps you to upgrade your skills in typing Hindi effortlessly. You only need to type your Hindi in English in above box and press space-bar.  We are using Google transliteration typing service, It provides fast and accurate typing experience.  We support Computers, iPad, and Mobile Devices (iPhone & Android) for FREE. To switch between Hindi and English please use [Ctrl + g]. Once you finish typing you can copy the text and use it anywhere on emails, chat, Facebook, Twitter, or any website. Our English to Hindi translator and Hindi to English translator service will satisfy your English to Hindi typing definitely . We are aiming to offer you English to Hindi text and English to Hindi typing with mostly all available Hindi fonts to download. This Hindi typing online also available for free English to Hindi India typing. Our user saying Eazytyping.com going to be the best online typing tool in India. Please check the comment and suggestions area

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Copy paste do not work in this interface.Please type in english, each word you type then press [SPACE], It convert into Hindi. In case you are not getting the correct word, hit backspace it will show you more options

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The Importance of typing Hindi or translate English to Hindi is to understand the right meaning of your communication to others with the same Hindi as mother tongue.

This mobile-friendly online Hindi typing tool allows you to type, write, convert, and translate English into Hindi. You can share your typed Hindi into Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

  • This is the best Hindi translation tool and you can use this in all devices like Mobile phones, Android, tablets, iPhones, and the iPads to type Hindi easily.
  • If you feel typing Hindi is hard? Please comments your thoughts, suggestions and questions to us @Support.
  • We are happy to know that our online Hindi translation tool helping you to fulfil your Hindi trying.
  • EazyTyping.com is more focused in Hindi typing, Hindi translatation and Hindi language convertion

This free tool helps you to type Hindi easily. Now you can easily post on your translated Hindi conversations to Facebook. This free Hindi Typing Web Editor allow users to write Hindi online without installing Hindi keyboard. This online keyboard allows you to type Hindi letters using any computer keyboard and mobile devices

Top Scorers
  • Wladyslava A: 100 WPM: 42 TW: 36
  • Keira A: 100 WPM: 40 TW: 37
  • Adeola A: 100 WPM: 40 TW: 35
  • Adelina A: 100 WPM: 40 TW: 34
  • Norma A: 100 WPM: 40 TW: 34
  • A is Accuracy, WPM is Words Per Miniute, TW is Total Words typed

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Additional Information

Your mother tongue is your native language. It’s important to use someone translating into their mother tongue as this is the language which they are usually most fluent in, both in terms of vocabulary and also cultural nuances.

Our languages keep our cultural heritage alive. Cultural information read or heard in a foreign language can be difficult to understand or identify with, owing to a loss of meaning, impact and context.

Hindi is the National Language of India and the territorial language of six states-Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. It is spoken by 437 million individuals on the planet. Hindi is the official language of India. Hindi can be followed back to as ahead of schedule as the seventh or eighth century. The lingo that has been picked as the official language is Khariboli in the Devnagari content. Different vernaculars of Hindi are Brajbhasa, Bundeli, Awadhi, Marwari, Maithili and Bhojpuri. It was in the tenth century that genuine Hindi verse took its structure and from that point forward it has been continually changed.